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Saturday, April 29, 2017 - The Joy of Haircut (Preview)

From Time: 58 Minutes. The following is from HaircutCinema's mailing. "The movie starts off with some talk between the wavy shaggy brown haired androgynous trans boy talking to a female barber about what they enjoy and want from the evening. Dry hair play, followed by a sensual washing in the shampoo sink. In the barber chair and caped up, the hair is combed and pulled at all such ways. Slicked, to the side, forward. Then out come some scissors for a bit of an all around hack-job. Carving out a cute new look, out come the clippers and the haircut starts to take shape. Making sure the shaggy parts on top get played with during the clipper cut. The hair is buzzed twice, short – to the skin. Then the shaving cream and lather come out, making the back and sides super smooth to the touch. Last but not least, the hair is washed one more time, giving way to hair play and after care about the scene. A movie for the connoisseur of fine haircutting cinema."

Rick Ritter loves this haircutting video. Since it is rather long, he put together the time code for each fetish going in chronological order. Hopefully, this will help those who are into their specific fetish: Hair play-2:39; Shampoo long hair-4:38; Rinse-6:9; Drying-7:46; Comb-8:53; Running Fingers through hair while combing-10:19; Putting on neck strip and cap-11:12; Hair play-11:52; Comb-12:58; Fringe cutting-13:20; Back cut-16:11; Clippers-18:40; Single Lock clipper cut-29:40; Undercut-32:11; Shave undercut-37:21; Hair play-48:44; Shampoo short hair-49:18; Drying-51:40.